0823_24 Marco Waves010120 New Years Day Sunrise with Penny at Cotton Bayou010620 Sunset Johnsons Beach010720 Seashells010720 Sunrise011120 Sunset Cotton Bayou011920 Sunset020620 Rain Drops020720 Navarre020920 Cotton Bayou Sunrise030220 Sunrise Crab Trap031820 Sunrise and Blues041120 Sunset Lake Shelby041520 Sunset Lake Shelby041620 Sunrise042020 Sunrise042120 Sunset042220 Blue Angels & Blue Herons042220 Sunrise050220 Cotton Bayou Seagulls050220 Sunrise050620 Blues at Cotton Bayou050720 Sunrise051220 La Serena Sunset051520 Sunrise051620 Sunset052920 Sunrise060320 Sunrise & storms060620 Sunset Ft Morgan060720Cristobal061620 Pavillion062220 Navarre062220 Sunrise062720 Sunset062820 Sunrise070120 Storm clouds070220 Sunset072020 Day Sky072220 Sunrise Sky072320 Rough Surf072620 Sunrise081920 Sunflowers082120 Beach & Sunset082520 Storms082820 Beach082820 Clouds090520 Alabama Point091320 Sunrise091420  Before Sally091920 Sally Aftermath092620 Blakely St Park Drive093020 Sunset100220 Ft Walton Beach100420 Sunrise100420 Sunset100620 Mom's Deer100720 Cotton Field Sunset101320 Sunrise101420 Sunrise101520 Sunrise110220 Moms Flowers110320 Sunset110520 Sunset110720 Sunrise110820 Sunset111920 Sunset112420 Sunset112520 Sunrise112520 Sunset112620 Sunrise Thanksgiving120220 Sunset120520 Sunset121120 Sunset121620 Sunset121920 SunsetFBISF SunsetsMiscPhoenix IX Vacation